Downloads come as empty [amazon_s3...] text files

If you're a Crella Subscription owner and run into an issue that downloads come as empty [amazon_s3...] text files, this means that the .zip packager hasn't done a great job in packaging the multiple download files included in the package. This normally happens on some download -button on the category -pages.

The downloaded .zip might look something like this:

[amazon_s3 id="226024"]_0613468300.
[amazon_s3 id="226022"]_0613468200.
[amazon_s3 id="226020"]_0613468100.
[amazon_s3 id="226016"]_0613468000.

SOLUTION: You may easily access the files by going to the product page and there you will see all download links as individual links. Those will work if the category download button gives weird text files.

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